Tuesday, February 19, 2008

the stuff of romance

After almost 7 weeks of solo travel in india, I finally met up with michael a few days ago. we are having a really great time together, despite the fact that our bodies are pretty wrecked from the variety of ailments that have plagued us since his arrival. I have to say, nothing makes the heart skip a beat like:

-- things violently coming out of the body: I have been vomiting for 3 of the past 4 days, likely due to some bad cheese in mumbai and then subsequently feeding myself the wrong things for my recovery. meanwhile, michael has had more poops in the past 24 hours than I've had in 3 weeks, probably because of some sketchy chicken in goa. he actually started taking cipro, when it became clear that his diarrhea wasn't letting up and his gases were becoming "sulphuric."

-- open wounds: I have a lovely little hole in my back from a skin irritation

-- hives: walking on the beach last night, my left arm decided it didn't like something in the air and broke out in a few dozen hives

-- the usual assortment of mosquito/sandfly bites that turn red and swollen

-- (the kicker) bald spots: you'd think michael would go bald first, but I was shampooing my hair in front of the mirror the other day and found a bald spot the size of a dime. thankfully it is under a mountain of hair and unnoticeable, but what. the. hell. after calming down enough to do some wikipedia-ing, it turns out that it is fairly common and often times is triggered by stress or new situations. damn you, india.

-- lying around all day long tired and dehydrated and itchy from the above afflictions

luckily we are the mend, but by the end of Michael's 1/2 weeks here, I'm thinking we'll have a pretty kick-ass, bastardised version of "12 days of christmas" to sing for everyone (i.e. on the 12th day of india, my true love gave to me, 12 poops exploding . . .11 innards puking . . .10 mozzies biting . . .9 arms a-swelling . . .5 bald spots!). it's a good thing we're getting married and are mostly past the needing-to-impress-each-other stage.

so who wants to visit me in india next?

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melissab said...

i too have had a run in with hair loss - just after starting grad school for nursing. i guess being employed, getting engaged, and returning to school causes some stress! just a little warning - i had more than 1 bald spot before they stopped - one graduation, one wedding and one baby later!