Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A late winter snowfall...

I've been bumming around Manila since Michael left on Saturday, staying with family and soaking up old stories that I normally don't get to hear since I live so far away. I was staying at my Auntie Tess' house, looking at family photos, when I came across the following caption in one of my Lola's albums from the 80's. She had come to visit us in Chicago with my Lolo and a couple of my cousins, and they experienced their first blizzard. I was struck by how lovely and old-school my Lola's prose was:

"The following pictures were taken on the early morning of April 15, 1985, during a late winter snowfall. The snow flurries were thick enough that by mid-morning, the neighborhood, the rooftops..."

"...the streets, trees, etc. were a pretty sight to behold. Notice how Cecil and Cielo enjoyed their first experience with the snow."

On a side note, of course there's a blizzard in Chicago in April. Also, I'm the fat one in the snowsuit.

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corazon francisco said...

as soon as the snow started falling, it was a mad rush from the breakfast table to go outside :)