Friday, January 4, 2013

How I got over

Happy new year! 2012 may not have been my favorite but when I think of what I want out of a year, I crave balance. Michael and I spent the past 7 days on a boat, sailing around the islands of Palawan, and it was so amazing and healing that it pretty much made up for everything I didn't like about the past year.

This was my last impression of 2012:

And then obviously we ate a lechon, got drunk, and sang a bunch of karaoke in the local village with one of the three families that live there. Totally healing, if you ask me.

Filipino are pretty superstitious, and I'd say that ending one year and starting another on such an awesome note is a pretty good omen.*

*Even if I do still have a minor burn on my calf from being hit by a wayward Roman candle and Michael burned his feet by drunkenly stomping out a small fireworks-induced fire in the forest with his bare feet, it just means that 2013 will be especially fiery and fun, right?

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