Sunday, January 6, 2008

"Bucket bath, I own you. Squat toilet, you're next."

the last time I took a bucket bath, I was 11. I was at my lola's house in the philippines and there was a well in the backyard with an enclosure around it, and you pumped out water, heated it on the stove, and then did your thing. not one of my fonder memories, because it felt sort of scuzzy and really, who wants to take a bucket bath when showers are obviously the way to go. so imagine my delight when, after a nice day at the beach with some kids from the hostel, I decided I wanted to freshen up before dinner, walked into a shower room, and saw a concrete room with a faucet and a bucket, with nary a hook to hang my clothes on. since it was dusk, there was also a nice swarm of mosquitos around the little puddle by the drain.

I'm pretty proud of the fact that not only did I sack up and have a neuroses-free bucket bath, I also mastered the art of killing mosquitos while filling the bucket/washing myself. I really think this must be what parents feel like when they watch their child take a first step.

as far as the squat toilet, I'm actually pretty good at sitting on my haunches without peeing on the cuffs of my pants, and I'm not even squeamish anymore about using my left hand whenever I forget to bring toilet paper, which has been often. but I still let out a little yelp whenever I see a gecko or spider, so I don't consider it a true victory just yet.


corazon icasiano-francisco said...

Congrats! You're taking it all in stride and in good spirits---so proud of you --though be careful of those nasty mosquitoes

gravity said...

oh the glory of squat toilets.

I like it when you walk into a 'normal' toilet stall and see distinct footprints on the seat.
Clearly the idea of sitting your but down (in a public toilet)where everyone else sits theirs is just too gross to contemplate.