Friday, January 25, 2008

Squat Toilet: Still Not Owned

this is probably an inappropriate thing to blog about, but I figured I'd blog about it anyway as a warning for any of you who are going to be using squat toilets in the future.

I was on a 5 hour bus ride to munnar and had to pee really bad. so I went to the squat toilet and did my thing. unfortunately, I have a habit of looking down to make sure I am hitting the porcelain. (I don't want to veer right or left out of consideration for the next person, since pee on the bottom of your shoes is pretty gross) as I was looking down, the sheer force of my pent-up pee hit the toilet pretty hard and actually splashed back onto my forehead. yes everyone, I gave myself a bit of a golden shower today. the lesson here is: shield your eyes if you are going to look down while you pee.


corazon icasiano-francisco said...

That was not how I toilet-trained you!!!But hats off to you for such consideration for others.

The Girl named Michal said...

Remind me someday to tell you/warn you about the dangers of squat toilets in Vietnam....We had similar experiences. Yet, mine inadvertently involved someone else's golden shower.
Love the blog! Love the photos! Keep it all coming!