Monday, January 28, 2008

even better than set or scrabble

if it seems like I'm talking about bodily functions a lot more than usual (which, admittedly, is already more than the average person), it's because most conversations with backpackers in india inevitably turn to poop, and all the irregularities and misadventures revolving around it. fortunately all my stories only concern pee so far (see past post, "Squat Toilet: Still Not Owned"), but I was complaining the other day that squat toilets really make me miss relaxing on the toilet with a good book in hand. they're just not conducive to such leisure. so I figured I'd blog about the games I've come up with to pass the time during a bowel movement.

1. Battlepoop -- sort of like battleship. the object of the game is to land a poop squarely in the little pool of water. however, I've since stopped playing this game because of splashback -- even though I win, really, I'm losing.

2. Pin the Tail on the Poop -- after you purposely land one piece on the porcelain, you aim to hit it again and again with each subsequent piece. this is my favorite.

3. Chutes and Poops -- (this works best after an initial pee) poop lands on the porcelain, and you see how high up you can get it before it won't slide into the water anymore

if you have any other suggestions for games I can play on the crapper, please let me know because I am bored to tears sometimes.

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