Sunday, January 27, 2008

maybe I'll take the train next time

my plan for this morning was to take the bus from munnar to coimbatore -- the guy at the tourist information center told me that it left at 6:30am from the bus stand in town. easy enough, right? not really.

after I finally found the unmarked bus stand, 6:30 came and went, so I started asking the locals, "what time does the bus to coimbatore leave?" I got the following responses:

"there is no 6:30 bus"
"there is sometimes a 6:30 bus"
"there's a 6:30 bus but it leaves at 7"
"do you want tea or coffee?"

all spoken with the trademark head wobble, my absolute favorite.

yet another reason to love india.


stellamcguire said...
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Michael said...

hahaha... that definatley brings back memories.